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Everyday Footwear

The footwear people buy for everyday use needs to be practical, comfortable and durable which requires trusted footwear research and testing. SATRA offers a comprehensive range of footwear testing, including slip resistance testing and abrasion testing as well as restricted chemicals analysis, advice on correct sizing and the Comfort Index, unique to SATRA.

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Safety Footwear

Safety footwear, as well as being protective, must be compliant with legislation and standards. Toe cap strength, sole durability, thermal rating, breathability and slip resistance are all important safety footwear tests among others. SATRA can test safety footwear against national, European and international standards and as a Notified Body can certify safety footwear for the CE Mark.

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Sports Footwear

Modern sports footwear is innovative and carefully engineered to achieve the highest levels of performance. It also needs to support the wearer to minimise physical stress. SATRA technologists work with brands, suppliers and manufacturers to apply footwear research and testing to secure the optimum balance between footwear performance and comfort.

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Fashion Footwear

Fashion footwear needs to be desirable and safe. Heel strength and attachment is an important consideration, as is fitting and the overall stability of the footwear. SATRA’s experience and technical expertise in footwear research and testing is used throughout the world to bring the best looking products to market with the highest quality standards.

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Performance Footwear

SATRA has a well-established programme for testing footwear that needs to be comfortable and safe in extreme conditions. Water resistance, ground insulation and breathability are often crucial features as well as wear and tear. Our research team also works with brands to develop new technologies and test methods for the improvement of performance footwear.

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Footwear Materials and Components

The choice of materials for footwear uppers and solings can range from traditional leather to technical textiles. Components used in all other parts of the shoe are available in wide range of materials from textiles in the laces, through plastics in heels to metal in the shanks. All must be tested for characteristics particular to their function in the footwear.

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About footwear testing and research

Our footwear testing laboratories in Europe and China house a comprehensive range of footwear tests and footwear test equipment for assessing the performance and safety of materials, components and finished footwear. We include in this chemical analysis for restricted substances to meet European REACH legislation and CPSIA in the United States. Accurate footwear testing is important to ensure footwear product complies with legislation wherever it is brought to market.

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Global Foot Dimensions

SATRA’s Global Foot Dimensions report aims to provide a core understanding of modern foot shape and highlights some of the differences present between a number of demographics.

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Basic Shoemaking

Written by SATRA experts, each of the 44 chapters of Basic Shoemaking takes the reader through a particular stage in the footwear manufacturing process and will be of value to anyone working within the footwear manufacturing sector.

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