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Biodegradability and Disintegration Testing

Identifying sustainable end-of-life solutions for materials and products is a key challenge being faced today. SATRA is able to offer a number of tests to determine if a material is biodegradable or compostable and can provide support on understanding what claims can be made about a particular material’s sustainability credentials.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for guidance on the suitability of your materials for the testing.


SATRA can offer a 20 day quick screen to determine if a material is a good candidate for compostability, as well as the full ISO 20200:2015 test that over a minimum of 3 months determines how well a material breaks down when it is composted. Both tests are carried out in an environment simulating industrial composting.


This test is used determine if a material, once it has disintegrated, leaves any harmful substances behind and can therefore be used to understand how safe any resulting compost would be when added to a particular ecosystem.

Plant response

Compost ultimately needs to support the production of nutritious plants. This test evaluates how well plants grown and respond to being grown in compost containing the test material, compared with control plants grown at the same time.

Leather biodegradability

The leather specific test method BS EN ISO 20136:2020 determines the biodegradability of the test sample in a solution with bacteria. The CO2 emissions from the sample are measured, the more CO2 is produced, the more biodegradation has occurred.