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The development of SATRA TimeLine

At SATRA, we have 100 years’ experience and knowledge in the footwear industry and the SATRA name is recognised and trusted by footwear manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. We have also spent more than 35 years working in the area of production efficiency.

Our strong relationship with the footwear industry has allowed us to undertake a number of detailed studies to identify the key aspects of efficiency and we have been advising our member companies on how to improve their productivity since the early 1980s.

Since that time, we have developed a range of computer-based, expert systems designed to improve efficiencies in the use of materials and labour. These include: SATRASumm, a system designed to reduce the cost of cutting leather and synthetic materials; and VisionStitch, designed to improve stitching techniques for improved quality and efficiency.

SATRA TimeLine is the latest SATRA production efficiency system and is based on our vast experience and knowledge as well as industry best practice and industry standards. It will help you accurately predict the time and labour costs of a footwear production line, and allows the management and adjustment of that line once production starts.

SATRA TimeLine is a unique product designed for shoemakers by shoemakers and will continue to evolve as the industry changes.

The system will grow and change, driven by your needs and aspirations...