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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use SATRA TimeLine?

The system is designed for the footwear industry but can be used by any industry which manufactures consumer products with a need for accurate predictions of operation times and labour costs. The system has been successfully trialled in footwear, belt, bag and accessory manufacturers.

How versatile is SATRA TimeLine?

Very. We customise the system to reflect your production resources, organisation and working methods. Once you have created a style you can save it, modify it and call it up at a later date.

How quickly can I cost the labour in a style?

Very quickly. SATRA TimeLine draws on its database of standard styles and operations. The user-friendly interface takes you through a series of screens asking questions about, for example, your equipment, working method, number of operatives, and grade of work. It then calculates the most efficient use and cost of labour.

How can I be sure the operation times are achievable?

Our experts have put together operation values based on best methods and years of experience. SATRA TimeLine will produce a working method to help the operator meet the required time.

Why do I need a system to tell me how to balance the line?

There are endless ways to balance a production line, but SATRA TimeLine can simulate scenarios before production starts. This enables you to find the best solution without disrupting the line.

Can it really improve production efficiency?

Yes. SATRA TimeLine will tell you where to eliminate unnecessary movement and non-added value time. You can be assured that your production line is as efficient as possible.

How will SATRA TimeLine help my business?

You can be confident the style will be profitable and you can deliver on time. The brands you work with will receive a quick and accurate quote and realistic deadlines.

Does the software work across a network?

Yes. The system is designed for either single or multi-user operation and will work over a local or wide area network.

How do I get my stitch paths and other pattern information into the system?

For operations such as stitching, folding and skiving, the actual path is a key input into SATRA TimeLine as the length and curvature will affect the speed of operation. These paths can be entered using a digitising tablet, supplied as part of the package.

Does SATRA provide additional training at a later date?

Yes, you can always purchase additional training to meet your needs.

Can we use multiple databases within the same system?

Yes. The SATRA TimeLine software can use any number of different databases. You can only connect to one database at a time.

Who does the installation and setup?

Our consultants will come to your company to install the system and ensure that the configuration matches your requirements.

How will I learn about the software and the features it offers?

We provide comprehensive training covering all the functionality and benefits of SATRA TimeLine. The system is supplied with training materials to support the instruction given during the initial installation, and SATRA offer on-going support by telephone and email.

Does the system use passwords to secure my data?

Yes. All of your users can have their own passwords and the system can be configured to allow them partial or total access to the databases.

Can I set up my own users and passwords?

Yes. You will need to appoint a system supervisor who will have the authority to set up user accounts, set user rights and reset passwords for any users who may have forgotten them.

How many users can be logged into the system at any one time?

SATRA TimeLine can be configured to allow as many simultaneous users as you need. You will choose this configuration, based on your requirements and budget, prior to the installation. If you require more users in the future then this can be arranged at an additional cost.

I am interested in SATRA TimeLine, what is the next step?

You should contact SATRA to discuss your requirements.