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How is training provided?

Training takes place at your workplace and covers every aspect of SATRA TimeLine. It is delivered by a SATRA consultant in two phases – initial training and follow-up training.

Initial training gives users an overview of the entire system with a focus on method analysis and how to produce accurate time values and labour costings. For more details on initial training for SATRA TimeLine, click here.

Follow-up training takes place a few weeks later and is a chance for users to consolidate their understanding of SATRA TimeLine and learn more about the line-balancing capabilities of SATRA TimeLine. For more information on follow-up training, click here.

At the end of the training, users will be able to use all the options within SATRA TimeLine including creating paths for stitching and folding operations, creating operation times and identifying minor variations to the library of best practice working methods and amending SATRA TimeLine’s elements to reflect these. You will also be able to use SATRA TimeLine’s unique line balancing module to predict the likely output and explore various different line balances to achieve optimal productivity.