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Instructor Training

The VisionStitch Instructor Training is designed to educate your instructors and reduce future training time for new operators. With proficient instructors, you will turn trainees into high quality, skilled machine operators in a shorter time.

Training your instructors is the key to everything, because they cannot teach people to stitch correctly until they know how to stitch correctly themselves.

Training School

In addition to teaching your instructors, our experts will help to set a structured programme for new trainees. Where an existing training programme exists, we will undertake to improve it.

Improved levels of quality and productivity will be obtained immediately from new staff, who will reach required factory stitching standards in the shortest possible time.

The instant visual feedback from the SATRA VisionStitch software is used to ensure speedy instructor training.


Stitching operator training requires progressive exercises to teach the skill required to be a quality stitching operator. VisionStitch provides detailed exercises to teach the basic stitching skills.

The system also allows the exercises to be added and customised to the requirements of the individual factory to teach the correct methods for stitching the actual work of that factory.