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What Our Customers Say

“The successful implementation of VisionStitch at two of our Asian factories has clearly demonstrated the benefits of the system. We have seen cycle time reduction, defect and rework reduction, improved efficiency and operator satisfaction.”

Carlos Ruiz, Nike

“Implementing VisionStitch has helped us improve quality, skills and productivity while reducing cycle time. The ergonomic adjustments have received a very positive response from our employees who are now more comfortable at their workstations.”

Masyita Hatumena, KMK, Indonesia

“After using VisionStitch we have increased our productivity by an average of 20% and have increased our overall quality by 8%.”

Richard Lin, Development Team Manager, Sunshine Shoes, China

“At first, our operators did not believe VisionStitch could improve performance and quality. VisionStitch proved to them that it was possible. The VisionStitch screen showed our operators that stitching the new way improved their performance on average by 15% with better quality, less stress and effort. Operators now ask to go onto the system to help them improve. It has opened all our minds to change. Simple and easy.”

Rony G. Nainggolan, Pancaprima Ekabrothers, Indonesia

“Implementing the VisionStitch system has allowed us to work smarter — not harder. This was achieved by optimising the setup of our machines and methods using VisionStitch. This improved our productivity and quality, with less effort from the machines and operators.”

Yusron Bahtiar, Manpower Planning Coordinator, Pt Pratama Abadi Industri, Indonesia

“VisionStitch allows us to better understand each operator’s performance, which means we have more information and flexibility when setting up new lines. Individual work efficiencies are greatly improved and the learning curve for new operators and operations is much shorter.”

Zoe Zheng, Training School Chief, Ecco, China