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Updated SATRA RSL now available

The revised SATRA footwear restricted substances list is now available to our members.

by Martin Heels

Interpreting restricted substances legislation and what is applicable to your product can be particularly difficult, especially as the number of chemicals in legislation such as REACH is continually increasing. SATRA's latest restricted substances list (RSL) provides a brief summary of the most relevant substances that are pertinent to the footwear industry and highlights the material types where these substances might be present.

The 13th issue of SATRA's footwear RSL was created to be used as a key tool to disseminate information along the supply chain, and to educate suppliers about the importance of meeting the legal requirements explained in this document. European, American and Chinese legislation and test methods are referenced alongside the materials where these chemicals may be present. Some additional substances, including formaldehyde and allergenic disperse dyes, are usually included in brand owners' restricted substances lists as part of general product safety. These substances are also included on SATRA's list, and we have clearly differentiated these recommendations from the mandatory requirements.

The updated list includes European Regulation (EU) No.2016/626. This will introduce new restrictions on the amount of nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) in textiles that can foreseeably be expected to be washed during their lifetime. Although this does not apply to products placed on the market until after February 2021, brand owners and retailers have already begun to make their suppliers and manufacturers aware of this forthcoming regulation, so the use of this substance can be phased out before this regulation is enacted. More information on NPEs can be found in the article 'Restrictions on nonylphenol ethoxylates'.

Chemical testing and consultancy at SATRA

SATRA's ISO 17025-accredited chemical testing laboratory routinely tests footwear, footwear components, leathergoods and other consumer products for the presence of restricted substances. This testing can be conducted on materials before items are manufactured, or we can test samples from the production line. Once testing has been completed, results can be reported against the legislative requirements, or against an individual brand owner's or retailer's specifications, depending on our customer's request.

We also offer consultancy and training in restricted substances and the REACH legislation at seminars in the UK and our China office in Dongguan. The next chemistry seminar at SATRA UK – to be held on 23rd March 2017 – is entitled 'Footwear: an introduction to chemical testing', which will include sessions on REACH, in addition to discussions about discolouration and restricted substances lists. Please click here for full details of this event.

How can we help?

SATRA has already emailed an electronic copy of issue 13 of its restricted substances list to all those who have received a copy of issue 12 and requested an automatic update. Please contact if you would also like a copy and visit for details of forthcoming seminars.

Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 6 of the March 2017 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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