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Furniture Testing

SATRA’s furniture testing facility, working to ISO 17025, is an international centre of excellence for furniture testing, training, consultancy and innovation. Our expertise makes SATRA the premier technical partner for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers of furniture and its components.

We test against national, European and international standards, as well as key retailer specifications, to give you confidence that your furniture is fit for purpose and safe to use.

Businesses in the Furniture and Floor Coverings sector can now become members of SATRA, giving them access to a range of benefits, such as access to technical support from our team of industry experts, access to specialist training, seminars and events, as well as testing discounts. Find out more here.


Seating and chair testing data can help improve design and manufacturing techniques as well as provide evidence of due diligence. The need to demonstrate adequate safety and appropriate ‘fitness for purpose’ has become increasingly important with many buyers of domestic, contract and office products insisting on seeing evidence of product testing and performance. SATRA can offer high-capacity 24/7 chair fatigue testing.

Table and desk

Although in use every day, the design and constructional requirements of tables and desks are rarely considered. Furniture manufacturers, on the other hand, must consider these issues and a variety of performance and fitness for purpose standards are in force, taking into account the type of product and its intended market.

Bed and mattress

Cots, beds and mattresses should be tested to ensure they meet the necessary strength and structural performance standards. Many bed components require flammability testing to comply with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations. SATRA has extensive scope and a wealth of experience and knowledge in mattress and bed testing and can carry out flammability tests on full size mattresses in accordance with BS 7177.

Nursery and children’s

Young children often use furniture as an adventure playground. Therefore, nursery furniture must be safe for climbing, biting and other game play. Bunk beds are recognised as a potential hazard to children, so it is essential that designers and manufacturers understand current regulations and standards.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms require moisture resistant materials which need to be carefully selected and tested. SATRA’s range of climatic chambers can provide humidity controls from 35% Relative Humidity (RH) to 85% RH and temperature controls from -40° to +80°C.

Furniture flammability

Flammability of furniture is a major issue especially in the UK domestic market where all upholstered furniture must meet the Furniture and Furnishing (Fire)(Safety) Regulations. Upholstered furniture for use in contract situations must also meet tight UK specifications, including BS 7176, NHS code and IMO SOLAS. SATRA houses its own flammability chambers.

Contract furniture

Contract furniture includes all furniture supplied to all non-domestic buildings, including ones where the public has access. As well as offices, such buildings include schools, hotels and hospitals, and places of entertainment such as cinemas, nightclubs and concert halls. Complying with essential flammability regulations is a major consideration and providing correct labelling.

Materials, components and surface finishes

SATRA can test materials before production to prevent costly errors further down the supply chain. Testing can include key performance criteria such as resistance to scratching, knocks, heat and liquids. For leather and textile upholstery we are experienced in the evaluation of colour fastness, flexing, abrasion and soiling resistance.

SATRA Diamond Product Certification

SATRA Diamond Product Certification is a programme in which suppliers and manufacturers in the furniture industry can demonstrate commitment to product quality.