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Companies demand treaty on plastic pollution

Business leaders want ‘substantial decisions’.

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Seventy companies around the world have called for a legally-binding agreement to help counteract the problem of plastic pollution. National governments are gathering for the resumed fifth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly in Kenya's capital city, Nairobi, between 28th February and 2nd March. This has been described as ‘a unique opportunity to take substantial decisions on plastic pollution while designing regulatory measures to cover the whole life cycle of plastics rather than only addressing waste management challenges’.

A statement coordinated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – a UK-registered charity which promotes use of the circular economy – has urged UN Member States to establish an intergovernmental negotiating committee in order to develop an ambitious legally-binding global policy on plastic pollution. Its aims reportedly include keeping plastics out of the environment, reducing both the production and use of virgin plastic, and decoupling the production of plastic from fossil resource consumption.

Commenting on the demands from industry, Andrew Morlet, chief executive of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, said: “Today marks the first time so many leading businesses have come together and called for a legally-binding, robust treaty; one that sets common rules and regulations, establishes a level playing field and creates the conditions needed to deliver coordinated global solutions.”

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This article was originally published on page 3 of the February 2022 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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