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Webinar - Examining the use of Generative AI to enhance footwear's creative processes

Thursday 7th March 2024


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10.00 and 16.00 GMT 

This webinar will introduce the concept of generative artificial intelligence, using stable diffusion to demonstrate the concept of building a model to help revolutionise the footwear design process. It will be presented by Mark Harrop CEO of Which PLM and a technology advisor to the fashion and footwear industry, Goor Moshe an AI engine expert, along with Jo Harling, a designer from Goldline UK Ltd.

Unlike traditional AI, generative artificial intelligence is artificial intelligence capable of generating data using generative models such as images, often in response to prompts. It can use a brand's data, images and assets to develop patterns and structure to generate brand new images and data, making it an ideal virtual assistant for footwear design teams.

This webinar will introduce not only the concepts and basic principles of generative AI using stable diffusion but also their benefits over traditional off-the-shelf generative models, and how these abilities can be utilised specifically for footwear design. A live demonstration will highlight the ability to produce footwear designs with varying styles, materials and design assets as photorealistic images in a matter of seconds. It will showcase how this technology can be an ideal co-pilot for improving efficiency in the generation of new and unique footwear designs. Such technology will aid the footwear selection and development processes, benefiting every stakeholder whatever their position in the supply chain.

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