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Everyday footwear testing

Slip resistance

Slips, trips and falls are the biggest causes of footwear-related accidents. The risk of compensation claims for injuries due to slipping are a major concern for footwear companies. Ensuring all footwear has an adequate level of slip resistance is essential. SATRA’s internationally established slip resistance test is designed to help ensure that problems of slip are minimised. We can also advise on other key aspects such as tread design and sole compound selection.


Comfort sells footwear. If the customer does not feel comfortable in the shoes at the point of sale, he or she is less likely to make a purchase. Any special feature that makes one brand more comfortable than another may help to seal the deal. SATRA has a wide range of comfort related tests and assessments including the ‘Comfort Index’ which uses a combination of wearer treadmill trials and laboratory tests to make a comprehensive assessment of whole shoe comfort.


The list of chemicals that come under legislative restrictions is growing continuously. Requirements such as REACH in Europe and Proposition 65 in the US mean that footwear must be assessed for compliance. SATRA laboratories are equipped to detect a wide range of hazardous and restricted substances and our experts can also offer up to date advice on what to test for and what products to test.


Wearers want to get the maximum life they can from a pair of shoes. SATRA’s Pedatron test machine provides accelerated wear simulation under realistic conditions enabling brands, manufacturers and retailers to anticipate the likely performance of their products. Other testing at SATRA can assess the durability of components such as footbeds, midsoles and linings.


High breathability can offer added value to everyday footwear by helping to ensure the wearer’s feet remain comfortable and in good health. SATRA’s Advanced Moisture Management Test assesses the breathability and absorption properties of the complete footwear product.


The role of good quality fastening systems, from traditional laces through to elastics and touch and close fasteners should not be underestimated. As well as maintaining good fit they keep the shoe on the foot and also play a big role in the footwear’s appearance. SATRA has a range of tests to ensure fastenings are functional, durable and safe.


Everyday shoes might be on the foot all day. Not only will a good fitting shoe influence customer decision making at the point of sale, it will assist in keeping the wearer comfortable and, hence, increase the chance of repeat sales. SATRA’s Fitting Service includes comprehensive last assessment, fitting trials on new footwear ranges (including children’s), help in developing products to fit specific populations, and assistance with sizing systems and conversions.