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Fashion footwear testing

Slip resistance

Slips, trips and falls are the biggest causes of footwear-related accidents. The risk of compensation claims for injuries due to slipping are a major concern for footwear companies. Testing fashion footwear for slip resistance is therefore essential. SATRA’s internationally established slip resistance test can be used to assess both complete shoes as well as individual top pieces to help ensure that problems of slip are minimised We can also advise on other key aspects such as tread design and sole compound selection.

Heel strength

Badly designed heels can crack or break as a result of impact or fatigue during everyday walking and general use. Heel failures can result in serious injury to the wearer. SATRA can test heels for both fatigue and impact resistance and also assess the plastic quality and tension pin dimensions, to ensure the heel will not fail in wear.

Heel attachment

High heeled shoes need to be engineered using the correct components to ensure the heel is attached securely to the backpart. SATRA not only carries out routine testing of heel attachment strengths but also has the expertise to analyse the results, looking at the construction and components and advising on the best practice to minimise the risk of failure.

Backpart stability

The backpart of any high heeled shoe should be rigid enough to ensure the wearer has the maximum stability possible. SATRA guidelines together with tests such the whole backpart fatigue test will help to ensure that failures or injuries caused by instability are minimised.


We can test products for hazardous substances and also for odour and colour transfer.

Trim attachment

Trims and accessories are popular in the fashion footwear market. Making sure they are attached correctly will avoid customer disappointment and damaged brand reputation. A loose trim on an infant’s shoe is a potential tripping or choking hazard. SATRA can test trim attachments and also assess other aspects such as corrosion and tarnishing resistance.

Strap strength

Straps and fastenings play an important part in ensuring good fit and, of course, keeping the shoe secure on the foot. Strap failure can result in injuries to the wearer. As well as carrying out strap, buckle and fastening strength assessments, SATRA can advise on the appropriate constructions and materials to ensure maximum strap security.


Although good fit might not be the prime reason that customers buy fashion footwear, a good fitting shoe will certainly help with the decision making at point of sale and encourage repeat sales. Use of SATRA’s footwear fitting, lasts and comfort services can help in matching footwear to target consumer markets to maximise sales and, indirectly, in the generation of brand loyalty through quality and performance. SATRA can also help footwear manufacturers and retailers achieve consistent fitting standards and size marking, which helps minimise returns from internet customers.