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Protective Glove Webinar Series

SATRA has presented a series of six protective glove webinars. These events were focused on the testing and certification requirements for the European market.

The webinars were recorded and are made available here free of charge to all SATRA customers.

Series Introduction
Testing gloves for food contact

Martin Heels, SATRA’s Head of Chemistry, presents an introduction to the protective glove webinar series. This is followed by a discussion of the background, legislative requirements and testing procedures regarding gloves for food contact applications by Emma Norris, the Technologist Team Leader in SATRA’s Chemical and analytical technology group.

EN ISO 21420:2020
The general requirements for protective gloves

Earlier this year, the updated requirements standard for all protective gloves, EN ISO 21420 was published. This webinar is led by Lorna Harding, a technologist in SATRA’s chemistry team, and explains the contents of EN ISO 21420 and focus on the key changes from EN 420.

EN ISO 21420:2020
Chinese translation

今年的早些时候,所有防护手套新的要求标准--EN ISO 21420已经公布。 这次网络研讨会由SATRA化学团队的技术人员Lorna Harding主导,解释了EN ISO 21420的内容,并重点讨论了EN 420的关键变化。

EN ISO 374-1 parts 1 and 5
Protective gloves against dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms

This webinar explains the requirements and the testing required in order for gloves to claim protection against chemicals and micro-organisms, as defined in the EN ISO 374 series of standards. Permeation, degradation and penetration testing and the microbiological requirements in EN ISO 374-5 are explained by Lorna Harding, Chemistry technologist.

EN 388:2016+A1:2018
Protective Gloves Against Mechanical Risks

EN 388 involves various physical testing methods such as abrasion, tear, cut, puncture and impact. This webinar explaining the test methods and performance levels, will be delivered by SATRA’s Consumer Products Divisional Manager, Simon Courtney, who represents SATRA and BSI at the European protective gloves committee, CEN/TC 162 WG 8.

EN 407:2020
Protection against thermal risks

EN 407 is applicable to gloves and hand protective equipment intended to protect the hands or part of the hand against risks such as flames, contact heat, radiant heat or convective heat. The current version of EN 407 was published in April 2020 and the requirements of this recent standard are explained in detail by Hannah Coe, Certification Assessor.

User information & Glove Marking, Series summary

Tara Holly, Certification assessor, hosts this final webinar in the series, covering the mandatory information required for marking on protective gloves and their packaging, and the information required from the manufacturer. The webinar concludes with Martin Heels presenting a short recap summary of the glove webinar series.