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Use of SATRA’s name

SATRA members gain access to the SATRA brand name, allowing reference to SATRA in advertising and other promotional material.

Only SATRA members may use the ‘Member of SATRA’ logo, and we have seen a marked increase in the number of members wishing to do this.

General permission is granted for a member to use the ‘Member of SATRA’ logo on company stationery – for example, letterheads and business cards. Permission will normally be granted for a member to use the logo in advertisements, promotional material and press releases. Members wishing to make reference to SATRA in addition to the ‘Member of SATRA’ logo must seek permission from SATRA in advance. Copy should be submitted to SATRA for approval and SATRA reserves the right to suggest amendments. Permission will not normally be granted where, in SATRA’s opinion, the inference could be drawn that a member’s product might have any form of approval by SATRA or if claims are exaggerated or unsupported.

Where reference is made to SATRA tests on a specific material, component or finished product, permission will normally only be given when:

We regard any test data more than 12 months old as obsolete, so we are unlikely to accept old results to verify new claims. SATRA will only support claims that relate directly to our tests. We are unlikely to agree to assumptions or extrapolations, however plausible they might seem. We rely solely on our own test data and not results generated by another laboratory, even if used in conjunction with ours. The only exception involves results from a SATRA-accredited laboratory. In this instance, we would look sympathetically at using such data, especially if utilised in conjunction with SATRA reports. If this is used in promotional material, we would need to ensure that it specifies the origin of the test data. Expressions such as ‘fully tested by SATRA’ will only be permitted if we have undertaken a complete range of tests.

SATRA will not agree to its guidelines being quoted in advertisements.

Any product or material submitted for evaluation needs to be clearly identifiable, preferably with a unique reference number. We must be able to trace the sample, test results and our comments through to the final text.

A single specimen, especially of or from a prototype or a sample model, is not adequate. We need to ensure that the test specimens we examine are representative of bulk. This is why SATRA Quality Mark products are limited to those where testing is ongoing and a recognised quality management system is in place.

We are unlikely to grant permission retrospectively, so please contact us before your claim appears in print. Allow at least three to four working days for our decision – more if specific wording needs to be agreed.

The policy applies to all territories throughout the world and all forms of use in all media – whether print, digital, website, mobile, audio/visual and/or the spoken word.

The retailer/customer interface

General permission is granted for a member to use the ‘Member of SATRA’ logo on company materials at the retailer/customer interface. Permission to make reference to SATRA in addition to the logo at the retailer/customer interface will normally only be granted if the member company has been awarded the SATRA Quality Mark.

The SATRA Quality Mark

The SATRA Quality Mark is used to demonstrate consistent quality and give customers extra confidence in buying SATRA Quality Mark holders’ products. It is a useful aid to marketing when utilised on swing tags, packaging and promotional materials. It can also be used at the point-of-sale on finished products containing eligible components and materials.

The Quality Mark logo is exclusive to member companies and signifies that the product has been assessed as ‘fit for purpose’. It also indicates that the product is from a manufacturing environment which includes ongoing product conformity assessment through a quality assurance system in addition to a rigorous inspection and testing regime, to ensure consistent production at an acceptable level of quality.

Obtaining ‘Member of SATRA’ logos

We provide large ‘Member of SATRA’ stickers for display at company premises and exhibition stands. We usually ask members in advance if they need supplies for any upcoming events. Electronic logos for use on websites and letterheads can be downloaded from the ‘Members Only’ pages of SATRA’s website.

Unauthorised use of SATRA’s name

We occasionally discover unauthorised use of the logo by non-members wishing to be associated with the SATRA brand. We monitor the marketplace closely to ensure that only proper use of our brand takes place, which is in the interests of all our members. Any information from members that may help us to protect our brand is welcomed. Your concerns will be treated in total confidence and will always be investigated.

How can we help?

Please email if you have any queries or wish to use the SATRA name.