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This page brings you up to date with the latest newly published and recently revised standards.

Care must be taken with any draft standards as they are subject to change without notice.

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23/30466479 DC

BS EN 1273:2020/A1 Child care articles Baby walking frames. Safety requirements and test methods.

23/30466004 DC

BS EN ISO 3657 Animal and vegetable fats and oils. Determination of saponification value.

23/30465955 DC

BS EN 455-1/A2 Medical gloves for single use. Requirements and testing for freedom of holes.

23/30464604 DC

BS EN ISO 14460 Protective clothing for automobile racing drivers. Protection against heat and flame. Performance requirements and test methods.

23/30464477 DC

BS EN ISO 16321-1/A1 Eye and face protection for occupational use. General requirements.

23/30457009 DC

 BS EN 455-2 Medical gloves for single use. Requirements and testing for physical properties.

23/30455540 DC

BS EN 17950 Protective helmets. Test methods. Shock absorption including measuring rotational kinematics.

23/30453526 DC

BS EN 1078 Helmets for cyclists.

23/30442784 DC

BS EN ISO 9073-18 Nonwovens. Test methods. Determination of breaking strength and elongation using the grab tensile test.

23/30431377 DC

BS EN ISO 13506-2 Protective clothing against heat and flame. Skin burn injury prediction. Calculation requirements and test cases.

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